Thursday, May 3, 2007

Reading on the road: Update

I finished Flirting with Forty by Jane Porter. Jane Porter is a Northwest author, originally from California now living in Seattle. When I went to her website to check her out I was suprised to find that she is the author of several Harlequin romance books. While I am not a Harlequin fan I do I recommend this book. This book is more beach-read chick lit than trashy-romance. Fun book.

I did not finish, or even really 'get into' The Sunday List of Dreams by Kris Radish. As I said before I read other books by this author and at times the stories were a 'little out there.' I put this on my nightstand in my 'to read' pile (which is growing by the day along with the 'to read' list) and will attempt it again at a later date. I will try a book twice before giving up completely. Sometimes I just am not in the right frame of mind for a particular book at a particular time, however after two attempts I usually stop. There are too many books...too little time.

Because I didn't read The Sunday List of Dreams I needed a new book to read, so I spent a little time in the Washington D.C. Barnes and Noble and picked up a few new books. I have to admit that neither of the books I picked up were deep-thinking books. They were both chick lit, which is fine. I love chick lit, there is a time and place for all types of books. I picked up A Dangerous Dress, by Julia Holden.
I have to admit I was initially drawn to this book because of the cover. It is pink (girly), has a pretty dress on the front, and as many know I love the Eiffel Tower (see the Eiffel Tower?). So, I picked this up because of the cover and read it because of the fun writing and intrigue of the dress. Now I wish I was bequested a dress that led me on such an adventure. A book about a dress. Fantastic.

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