Saturday, July 14, 2007

One Dance in Paris

I was very excited to pick up Julia Holden's new book, One Dance in Paris. I really enjoyed the last one - A Dangerous Dress- and having just started this one I have to say I love it. It grabbed me from the first page. I am about 75 pages in right now and am thoroughly enjoying it. And once again there is an Eiffel Tower on the cover (and the part of the book I am reading right now takes place in Vegas - I love Vegas!) .I also want to add that I think this author is truly awesome. After posting on this blog about her first book she wrote me an email thanking me and telling me about her new book. How awesome is that? I think it is as cool as getting a letter from a movie star...maybe cooler...authors rock! Thanks Julia for your awesome books!

Update: I finished this book and LOVED it! I highly recommend checking out one (or how about BOTH) of Julia Holden's books. While they are considered chick-lit, I think they are far more substantial than a lot of the chick-lit I read. Julia Holden has a way of transporting you to whatever location she wishes you to be and her characters are so believable.

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