Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Department of Lost & Found

I finished "The Department of Lost & Found" today & was pleasantly surprised & happy with the whole book .... yay! It doesn't happen often that I read a book and not only like it throughout but that I like the ending so much as well. This was a GREAT book! It's about a woman, Natalie Miller, who at the age of 30 discovers she has breast cancer. She's the top aide to New York's powerful female senator, so she's busy & doesn't always stop to smell the roses (as they say). The book is a journey, with her, throughout her chemo & her search to learn more about herself as she wonders if she'll beat the cancer, what went wrong in her previous relationships & how to nurture herself most of all. I would HIGHLY recommend this book ... try it, I bet you'll like it!!!

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