Saturday, November 17, 2007

Home to Holly Springs

One of my all time favorite series of books is the Mitford series by Jan Karon. I absolutely love those books. I was sad, as other Mitford fans were, when it was announced there was only one book left. I loved Mitford. I still love Mitford. When I think of Mitford, Father Tim, Dooley, Barnabas...I smile. Reading a Mitford book was like going home.

I knew Jan Karon, the fabulous author of the Mitford books, was working on another book about Father Tim, however I was oblivious that it had come out. I haven't been up on things like that lately. Well much to my delight as I was browsing at the Family Christian Store while Archer was at Tae Kwon Do I happened across the book. At first I thought I would put it on hold at the library, but there were over 60 holds already and being that it has been hard for me to get into a book for awhile I decided to purchase it!

The new book is Home to Holly Springs and I am so excited to read it. I started it yesterday and I really want to read it slowly (which shouldn't be a problem the way I've been reading lately)...savor it. I really enjoy it so far...I will come back and give it my full review.

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-K said...

I'll have to try these too. I read Joy In The Morning, since it's your November Book Club pick, and loved it. (Great characterization, a quick read, great perspective shifts...and a good reminder of all we are lucky to have now vs. 1929! A good book for the month of Thanksgiving.) I seriously finished it in 1 day. That's not happened with a book in a long, long, long time. Every moment the kids were sleeping or playing, I was reading (instead of cleaning, blogging, working, or some other usual task). I plan on doing the reading thing more...just need good books. ;o)

Love the recommendations! -Katrina