Monday, January 7, 2008

*** Edited ↔ The Next Thing on My List

I got "The Next Thing on My List" today from the library & am hoping that'll give me enough time to read it. Jerrie says it's a quick read but she's been known to exaggerate on occasion. ☺ If you want to read what Jerrie said about the book, look here.
I finished the book last night & I really liked it a lot! There are several LOL moments, the part that really had me going was the entire time in Vegas (I'm not giving anything away, it's on the list)!!! I definitely recommend this book. It was an easy read as Jerrie said & will keep you interested.

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Angie said...

So I finally finished this book! I really liked it and liked the whole idea of it. There was only one part in Vegas that made me lol though Cheryl......