Monday, March 17, 2008

Welcome to the Lots to Read Book Club

As the title implies this is the beginning of the Lots to Read book club right here on the Lots to Read blog. WooHoo!

We (Cheryl & I) read and discuss here on this blog and want to encourage a bit of participation from our dear readers. One of us will pick a book, provide some questions and invite you to participate in the discussion. Of course you are always invited to comment on/ask questions of any book we review, these book club selection will just have questions provided.

As in any book club we will have a few guidelines:

  • You must have read the book or attempted to read the book before participating (helps greatly with discussion!).
  • There will be quite a few questions posed - you may:
    • answer them all in order (honors student!)
    • read through all the questions and answer only a select few (average student!)
    • answer any of the questions you want in an essay format or great run-on sentence.
    • ask your own question
    • respond to others answers
    • read the questions (or not), but write what ever you want including general feelings about the book...etc...
    • as you may be able to tell this is a fairly relaxed format - participate and Have Fun!
  • We may or may not answer the questions right away - please feel free to answer anyway!
  • We may both read and comment on the book or not...
  • We don't know how many book club books there will be, but never too many at a time - we don't want to overwhelm you or ourselves.
I think that is about it. Questions? Let us know!

One last comment - Remember that others may have different opinions than yours. The great thing about book clubs is that people read different things into books - they have different insights, different ideas and that is what makes discussions fun. If everyone loves a book or there is no disagreement conversation can get dull. As long as we are all respectful of each others views we will all enjoy ourselves!

Get reading and have fun!

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