Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Firefly Lane

As you may recall from an earlier post, Cheryl and I went to hear Kristin Hannah speak last month at Village Books about her book Firefly Lane.

I finished the book Saturday. I really enjoyed it. Kristin Hannah is a wonderful story teller. Her characters are real, her setting(s) well described. She is a Pacific Northwest (PNW) author who uses the PNW almost as a character in her books. I like that.

I do want to put out there that it took me a few chapters to really become engaged in the book. However, once I was I couldn't put it down. I was hooked! I read half of it on Saturday, finishing it while sitting on the back patio in the sun.

If you read the synopsis of the book you will find that it is a story of friendship - Two girls who become women through out the course of the book who navigate the waters of life with one another by their sides. Of course there are ups and downs in the friendship, but they stay best friends forever...Until a "shocking betrayal tears them apart." I will say that I was thankful that Kristin Hannah didn't use the "obvious" betrayal - you know the one that we expect, yet don't want to read. That made me happy, yet the betrayal was horrible...

Anyway. Read this book. I recommend it (and you will have groovy music playing through your head the whole time...Dancing Queen...Oh ya!)

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