Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Compulsion - An Alex Delaware Novel. What more can I say? What more do I need to say? Really? It is Jonathan Kellerman. It is Kellerman writing Alex. Fantastic really.

I have read some not so fantastic reviews of Kellerman's latest works (including this one) and have to respectfully disagree. Every spring I anxiously await the release of his newest book. Then, knowing it is there waiting for me to read it I wait. I wait as long as I can (usually sometime in June - a la now) and get my paws on it and devour it in two to three sittings.

Kellerman has moved Alex from more of his child psychology lately, and as with others I hope he goes back, however I still love the books. I expect something out of Kellerman's Alex Delaware books and I wasn't disappointed. This one had a little less danger (I like danger), but delved into a different world. I would have liked a little bit more about the characters. Usually we get a bit more of Alex's life, not as much in this novel. We did get a little more of a glimpse of Milo - some books we get a lot of Milo, some a little - this was an a lot book and I am glad!

And...most important - Alex Delaware is my "book crush." I have loved him since the beginning, nothing will take that away. Even when he has girlfriends (Robin - whatever) I know that Alex will always be Alex and I will always love him. (scary huh?)

Overall, I would recommend to my reading friends who enjoy suspense, mystery novels. If you haven't read any Kellerman novels and you think you would like to I recommend starting at the beginning (When the Bough Breaks or Blood Test - both from the 80s or at least go back a few books so you can get into the series). 

p.s. I was on Jonathan Kellerman's site and noticed he signed a contract for some more Alex Delaware novels - so, yay! more to come!

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