Tuesday, April 24, 2007

"One For The Money"

OK folks, hold on to your pants, Sharon is "reading" a book. I put that word in quotes because she's actually listening to it on cd but still, it's a book! The book she is "reading" is "One For The Money" by Janet Evanovich. If you look in the margin on the right you will see that Janet already has a link from both Jerrie & I as we LOVE her Stephanie Plum series ... LOVE IT! In fact, we're hoping she makes a stop in Seattle (or Bellingham even) to promote the new book, "Lean Mean Thirteen" this summer so we can stalk her too (as well as Jodi Picoult, of course). Rock on Sharon & welcome to the Stephanie Plum club ... we'll be waiting to talk to you about the book. :)

1 comment:

Jerrie said...

Stephanie Plum ROCKS!

I am pretty positive that she (Janet, not Stephanie) is coming to Seattle this summer.