Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Shopaholic & Baby

I am SO excited to read this book!!! I think Becky is going to be a fantastic mother ... and I can only imagine how much fun she'll have shopping for herself & the baby-to-be!!! This book will also be a nice change from "Nineteen Minutes." I'm expecting lots of laughs from Becky!!!
I finished the book & I was definitely happy with it. While I didn't LOVE it as much as some of the other "Shopaholic" series it was still a good one. Becky is a wonderful individual & I SO wish I knew someone like her. Here's hoping there are more "Shopaholic" books ... maybe another baby or even grandbabies?!?

This book is hilarious! I also read it right after Nineteen Minutes because I couldn't go to sleep with the other book on my brain! I love Becky and her oh-so wacky ways! Highly recommend this to anyone who loves fun! (That is just about everyone, right?) While I love these books I think I would throw-up if I was ever in as much debt as her. Fun to read about, hell to be in!

Visit here to read more about Becky and browse Sophie's other books. There is also a quiz on the site so you can see what character you are most like in the book. Fun times!
FYI- If you ever read a Madeleine Wickham book and wondered why you couldn't find
anymore books by that fabulous author - she and Sophie are one in the same...

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