Sunday, June 10, 2007

If you like Sophie...

(Kinsella that is) you will love this book. Cheryl has been telling me about this book since she read it, then our book club picked it for the June book (due to an upcoming baby) so I picked it up at Target and read it in a day. I love a book you can read in a day, however that usually means the book is so good that I will be disappointed there isn't more of it to read and true to form that is exactly how I feel.
The main character in this book reminds me so much of Becky Bloomwood...So, seriously if you like 'the shopaholic' I think (know) you will like this one. Big thumbs up.

Go to the author's, Emily Giffin, website is really cute.

I'm SO glad you liked this book SO much! I think it's been a couple of years that I've been telling you (and my mom & others) about this book. I LOVED IT! Heck, I bought it & for me, that's a huge endorsement. If you want a very satisfying, chick-lit type book, you can NOT go wrong with "Something Blue."

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