Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Summer of Light

OK, I gave up on "The Opposite House" ... I know, I didn't give it a long time but I did try. The book was just a bit too odd for me. The way the sentences were put together was bizarre & I couldn't get into the story. It's too bad because it could turn out to be a fabulous book .... but it's just not the book for me, at least not right now. Maybe for you?


So, the book I'm going to try now is "Summer of Light." The cover is pretty & definitely attracted me. Yeah, I'm a pushover for a good cover (hush Jerrie, you know it's all your fault) but really ... I don't want to know too much about a book by reading all the reviews & such, so I rely on covers & referrals. Let's hope this book is a winner!

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