Saturday, October 13, 2007

All This Heavenly Glory

Hi there! Jerrie here. I haven't finished a book since August I think. Maybe August. Reading has been impossible. Let me correct that...reading a book has been impossible. I have read loads of magazines (well...maybe just looked at pictures) and I have started many books (finished NONE).

So, I picked up All This Heavenly Glory at the library. It is our book club book this month. It has a nice cover. I am hopeful. Although I have had it for several days and am only about 15 pages into it. We will see. Wish me luck.
Edited: I am still reading this. Not quite half way through. It is one of those books with really, really long sentences (with many parentheses in sentences [and sometimes brackets inside the parentheses] which can really make me lose meaning) which can make a book really hard to read. I am determined to finish it! Just wanted you all to know I am still trying!

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Angie said...

I feel your pain Jerrie - I started 2 books in about a weeks time and didn't finish either a matter of fact I didn't even get through 100 pages! Oh well!

This book does have an interesting cover so you will have to report back once you are finished!