Saturday, October 27, 2007

Oh Happy Day!

Dear Friends,

It is a glorious night for me! I have finished a book. Yes, you read that correctly. Finished. A. Book. Oh Happy Day indeed! If you go back and check you would find that I haven't finished a book since August (gasp!). Well in defeat of the last book club book I didn't finish I decided to pick up a book that I had bought several months ago on a trip to Barnes and Noble (yes, a mega-store...I am part of the evil corruption in the world...whatever).

I picked up Do Me, Do My Roots mostly because of the fab-u-lous cover (I pick many of my favorite books this way - seems to work). I started the book Wednesday night (after realizing I wouldn't finish the book club book if you paid me) and finished it today! I felt such relief at this accomplishment. Those of you who have had reading dry spells know what I am talking about I'm sure.

So, about the book. I liked it. It was a good story, written well, and an easy read. The story takes place in Seattle, so that is always a bit of fun. It is definitely a 'chic' book but I would say it is more of a story of substance than what you would think of as classic 'chick-lit.'

The author, Eileen Rendahl has a nice website and a few other books that I have put on my 'to-read-someday-I-hope' list.

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tcccsy said...

Congrats dear, I know what a struggle it has been for you!