Sunday, January 13, 2008

Eat, Pray, Love

While cruisin' the Costco book tables (how I love those book tables) I picked up a couple books. One is Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. I am one that will resist reading something when it is really popular...I don't like feeding into the hype. However, after almost two years of fabulous reviews I decided to pick this one up (finally).

I am on page 68 right now and am loving this book (no wonder it has been so popular). Reading this book is like reading a journal written by a friend. Gilbert is funny and serious and is a master storyteller. It is one of those books that I could finish in a few days, but I desperately want to prolong reading, so I am taking my time...savoring it...
When I am finished I will give you my full report. Right now I would say definite thumbs up and I would recommend it to anyone.


Angie said...

I have wanted to read this book since it came out! Sadly, I had it from the library, after a long wait, and had to return it unread because there were other people waiting for it too. I look forward to your review Jerrie!

Shelly said...

I'm with you, I wasn't going to read it because I felt like it was over-hyped....buttt. A girlfriend sent it to me in the mail and so far I'm really liking it. It probably helps that it's reminding me of my own great trip to Italy a couple of years ago, I do like the way she writes, so I'm pretty sure I'll like the rest of it. =D