Monday, January 21, 2008

Once Around the Track

So, Jerrie was kind enough to check out "Once Around the Track" for me. It's funny, I had checked it out before but never even got the chance to open it. So, I open it last night & check out the dedication page & I was totally shocked ... it's dedicated to WARD BURTON!!! Now, you are probably saying, "Who is Ward Burton?" He is only my FAVORITE NASCAR driver ... I love him!!! Then I flipped to the back & apparently she used him as a source for NASCAR information & such ... and even based the main character, Badger, loosely on Ward. I didn't get too far in the book (I was very tired last night) but I'm very excited to delve deeper & see how the book plays out. FUN!!!

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Jerrie said...

I do what I can for the good of all readers! :) hehe