Saturday, January 26, 2008

Eat, Pray, Love

I have held off on writing a review for this book for quite awhile. I needed to time to process and decide what I am going to say. I still haven't quite properly formed what I want to say...So, here are just some of my thoughts:

  • I loved the first third. The Italy and food part. Loved it.
  • I think that the book got progressively worse (I hate to use the word boring, but...).
  • There were some great phrases/sentences/passages that were thoughtful and insightful.
  • The tone was chatty and easy to read. Like talking to a friend.
  • A friend who's spiritual path is starting to annoy you.
  • I completely lost interest about 20 pages to the end - I skim/sped read those last pages.
Now that I reread what I just wrote I realize it isn't a glowing review. Which is probably because it wasn't a great book, but just an okay book with a few great moments.


-K said...

Thanks for saving me the time. ;o) I read an excerpt of this book in a magazine awhile ago (from the good part of the book) and thought that it might be good to read the rest. I thought about buying it at Costco, then decided to wait to see what you thought of it.

Saves my time for reading Janet Evanovich. I'd never read any of her books before I read your review of Lean Mean Thirteen. Now I've been getting them from the library, and have plowed through books one through four already... I'm an Evanovichaholic! The characters are great (yeah, especially Ranger and Morelli, but really all the main characters are so well drawn and fun). Thanks!

Angie said...

So I finally finished this book a few days ago....not sure what took me so long. I really loved the book! I think my favs were Italy and Indonesia...not so much India until closer to the end of her trip there. Though you had to love Richard from TX! Anyways, I was only disappointed to be left hanging at the end of the book. There was really nothing to tell us what she chose and what she is doing and how she is living now.

However, rumor has it that there is a sequel to the book so that will help me anyways!