Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Ex-Debutante

I just finished the brand new book, The Ex-Debutante, by Linda Francis Lee. What can I say about The Ex-Debutante? It was funny, well written, and an enjoyable read.

As a Pacific Northwest girl (born and bred) it was enjoyable to read about the oh so far from my life world of debutante balls, junior league, social graces and high society. As with The Devil in the Junior League I was fascinated by this whole other lifestyle - it amazes me as I have such a laid back - don't care about dressing to go to the grocery store - type of existence. Pearls and beige? I don't think so. However, after reading a few of Linda Francis Lee's books I realize that there really is a world out there filled with frilly dresses and balancing books on ones head.

One of the things I liked about this book was the cross over of characters from The Devil in the Junior League. I like when an authors creates a new story using some of the same supporting characters. However, you wouldn't feel lost at all if you hadn't read the other book - the author is that good (and I am thankful!).

While this story is obviously about debutantes it is more a story about coming home. About a woman finding out who she really is after leaving home and creating a new life apart from her family. I feel like in the three months the author was home she grew leaps and bounds as a person (character).

I would recommend this book to: those who liked The Devil in the Junior League; those who want a quick, light read; those who like chic-lit but want something just a little bit different.

Once again on her website the author has some fun stuff such as: (My Mother’s Not So) Helpful Hints for Debutantes, The (Actual) Basic Requirements for the Willow Creek Debutante Ball, and How To Dance.



Cheryl said...

I might have to borrow this one from you. I did enjoy "The Devil in the Junior League" very much. ☺

Jean Ann said...

I am sure someone has already suggested this to you, but have you checked out www.paperbackswap.com ? It is a great site for people who read a lot!