Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Julia's Chocolates

I finished reading "Julia's Chocolates" over a week ago but kept forgetting to update here. I really enjoyed this book A LOT!!! It's the story of a woman named Julia who runs away from her abusive fiance on her wedding day. She goes to stay with her quirky aunt who has been the most stable figure in Julia's life. She adjusts to life in a small town and gets to know some of the local women really well & they all turn out to be vital in each other's lives for all kinds of different reasons. Of course Julia meets a man but is terrified to enter into a relationship because of her past. The characters in this book cover all different aspects of life & it's GREAT to see that not all men are evil (although some definitely are) and women can stick together and find faith & love. Julia is also a marvelous baker & makes chocolate items "to die for." This is definitely a book I would recommend. It's probably labeled as chick-lit but I felt it went much deeper than that. ☺

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Jerrie said...

I do love deep chic-lit. I am glad more authors are writing that - easy reading, but deep(ish) is what I need most of the time.