Friday, June 13, 2008

Odd Mom Out

I finished Jane Porter's Odd Mom Out. As you may recall from an earlier post I wasn't thrilled with her latest book, Mrs. Perfect, however I loved her earlier two. So, I was thrilled when Jane herself contacted me and sent me this book to read.

First let me say I wasn't disappointed in this book! It was a lot of fun. I enjoyed the characters (Marta is a hoot!) and the whole premise of the book. I can relate (slightly) to feeling a bit out of place (can't everyone?), however not quite as out of place as Marta.

Marta is a supporting character in Mrs. Perfect and I liked reading this and getting the background on her. There were a few points in the story I wanted to shake her and say "Hey! It's not all about you!" - you'll understand if you read it. I really felt for her daughter who so desperately wants to fit in, be a normal 4th grader. That is a hard time for a lot of kids and working in schools, as I do, I see the need for kids to be accepted. While I understand Marta and even agree with her keeping her individuality there is a part of me that wanted that little girl to just 'feel normal.'

I do recommend this book and I also recommend reading it prior to Mrs. Perfect. I am still not sold on Mrs. Perfect, however I do wish I read these two in the intended order. Odd Mom Out made me like Taylor and her daughter, Jemma (from Mrs. Perfect) even less - especially Jemma. In Mrs. Perfect I felt bad for Jemma and her sisters and this book made me not like her at all!

Thank you Jane Porter for another fun read. Jane's books keep me entertained and focused (usually only takes me a couple days to read) - to the dismay of my family at times (haha).

***If you haven't read Flirting with Forty yet please do it. I love that book and highly recommend it. It would be a wonderful beach read! btw: Flirting with Forty is being made into a Lifetime Original Movie starring Heather Locklear (set to premiere December 2008)! Fun!

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Julie P. said...

I have Flirting with Forty on my bookshelf. I'll have to take it with me on vacation! I still want to read Mrs. Perfect, but I probably should read Odd Mom Out first -- right?