Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Ten Best Days of My Life

I just finished The Ten Best Days of My Life, by Adena Halpern. The book was a fun, easy read. Definitely a summer, beach book. It made me think about what days I would consider the ten best days of my life.

In this book, the main character Alex dies at the young age of 29. She is very happy when she gets to heaven and gets to see her deceased grandparents and uncle. However, to stay in 7th heaven (the highest tier) she must prove that her life had meaning and that it was "going somewhere." So, she is given the assignment to write an essay documenting and describing the ten best days of her life. This book got 4 1/2 stars (okay only 2 reviews so far) on Amazon. For more on the book click on the link above for the Amazon page.

The ten best days that Alex chose were interesting. Maybe not the days you would think. That is what really made me think. I look at my life and think I would list the "big" stuff, but reading about how Alex came up with her days...maybe I would think of things differently.

While I this book wasn't the most mind-expanding, it was fun. Worth picking up for fun.



-K said...

Sounds like a good summer read - I just put a hold on it at the library! Thanks!!

-K said...

I really liked this one - a fast, fun , and interesting read. Has me thinking about my ten best days... hmmm...