Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Divorce Party

"The Divorce Party" by Laura Dave was an ok book. I wasn't bowled over by it and in fact, felt a lot was missing from the book BUT I did finish it and enjoyed it a bit. The main part of the story all takes place in 1 day with some flashbacks to an earlier time too. It's about Maggie who is engaged to Nate. They are attending a "divorce party" for Nate's parents who Maggie has yet to meet. As the day begins Maggie learns a secret about Nate. As the day continues there are other secrets that come out and twists throughout the book. I never really FELT connected to any of the characters & felt a bit distracted by the way the author wrote. All in all though, it was a fairly easy read that talks about marriage ... as it begins & as it ends.

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