Monday, August 4, 2008

Mrs. Perfect

I read "Mrs. Perfect" and surprisingly I really REALLY liked the book a LOT!!! If you recall, Jerrie read the book & did NOT give it a great review which is fine ... we can't always like the same books. ☺ Based on Jerrie's review I really didn't expect to like the book at all but I'm glad I gave the book a try because it worked for me. I really LOVED reading about Taylor!!! She definitely starts out the book as a selfish, ridiculously snotty and just plain "rich bitch!" I hated that Taylor!!! When her husband lets her know that he lost his job (oh yeah, 6 months ago) and her life as she knows it starts to fall apart you see an entirely different Taylor emerge. She struggles and fails on many accounts but she overcomes & becomes SO much stronger and more independent & I really loved reading about her transformation. I really have no sympathy for the "richies" who let it all slip away but this definitely gave me another side to consider. All in all, this is still no "Flirting With Forty" which I'm sure you all know by now I truly LOVED (but have still yet to buy ... I really need to get on that) but it's a great book. Seriously! ☺

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