Monday, August 4, 2008

The Potluck Club

"The Potluck Club" was the July pick for our book club. We decided to have a potluck ourselves with the initial idea being to make a recipe from the book but that didn't happen. Nancy did make a soup of some kind from the book but other than that we all made (or bought) what we wanted. That is the best thing about the book. The food we ate at Tracey's. I read the whole book but I never connected with the women in the book in any way. I struggled to remember who was who and who did what to who ... that's not good for me. If I can't remember who certain people are from chapter to chapter, well, there's no way for me to really soak up what's going on. I did "get" the book. I understood it and all that but for me, it just was NOT a good book.

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Jerrie said...

Well at least you read it. You get extra points for that...And I DID make the egg salad (which was in the book) I just CHOSE not to put in all the ingredients so it wouldn't taste like c@*%!

Way to go. The book is in my give-away bag and NO I didn't read anymore! :)