Saturday, September 6, 2008


Okay. I finished Eclipse, book three in the Twilight Series by Stephenie Meyer. It was fantastic.

If you haven't read Twilight yet...just do it. The books are well written. The story moves you along. The characters are likable when they are suppose to be, unlikable when they aren't. It has all the characteristics of a fantastic book(s). When reading remember that these books were written as young adult literature. The characters are young...teens...they live in a teen world not an adult world. They get you back into that teen mentality. What a fun trip.

Ok, the book. I loved it. LOVED it! Out of the three I've read this one was the most emotionally charged for me. I identified with it the most. I don't really know how or want to explain that, I just wanted to say that I really opened my heart up in this book. It made me really feel. It brought back memories and emotions (and no, I never dated a vampire or a least not that I know of). However, I did date. I did make hard decisions. I did have my heart broken. I did break a heart. I did question decisions. I did cry. I did love. All in all this I felt that this book really captured the human a way that (even) adults can relate to.

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