Wednesday, September 23, 2009

One Thousand White Women

This book has been in my to be read basket for a long time - at least a year. I had heard about this book for much longer - years and years...when I worked at the book store I sold it many times.

So, when our book club picked One Thousand White Women by Jim Fergus as this month's choice I was thrilled. I would finally read the book that has been so badly neglected.

I am so glad I finally picked this up and read it. It has been reviewed many, many times so I won't go over the storyline here. I will say that is was well written, the characters were fantastic, and the descriptions were wonderful. It was easy for me to read (after a slow beginning), however it was not fluffy. I often say I am not a historical fiction girl, however I think I really am...

Happy Reading.


Cheryl said...

I tried, very hard I might add, to read this book. I made it to page 34 or 37 & just couldn't go any further. Perhaps that's the slow start you mentioned, I don't know. It just wasn't meant to be for me ... but I'm glad you liked it.

Julie P. said...

My bookclub is reading this one next month!

-K said...

I chose this for my bookclub's first selection this month (we've yet to meet) and I LOVED it!! Jamie loved it too, and the others are still reading.

Fantastic. I love how strong the women were, and I like books written as journal entries. I'm more able to put them down, and not read straight through 'til morning. ;)

I loved the history in this book and the descriptions of how the Cherokee lived.

tami said...

I loved this book. It wasn't really my kind of book but once I got started it was hard to put down.