Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Faith Club

Hi. It's been awhile since I have been here. I didn't want y'all to think I stopped reading because that is really not the case.

Since my last post I have put aside Before You Know Kindness. I haven't given it up altogether. I do own the book. I just could NOT get into it right now and unlike Cheryl I am a quitter (well a faster quitter - she has given up before, just not as often as me!). She must just have better self-discipline or something...

I am still working on This I Believe and An Open Heart. They are both the type of book you can pick up every once and awhile and not be lost. This I Believe is filled with very short essays (just a page or two) and they are all individual. A good book for a quick reading burst and a boost of ....(can't think of the right word right now...hmmm...I will think on that). I think I may even try writing my own essay one day - just for me! And An Open Heart is mostly a collection of speeches which can be read over time as well. I enjoy having one or two of those kinds of books around.

Okay. Now what I have been reading lately is another non-fiction book which has really captured my attention. It is called The Faith Club and is very interesting. It is written by three mothers, a Muslim, a Jew, ad a Christian, who live in New York City and got together after 9/11 to write a children's book that would "highlight the connections" between their religion. It is a fascinating read about faith, friendship, and the power of open, honest discussion leading to soul-searching and personal growth. I am not quite finished with this book yet (about 1/2 way through) but as you may have guessed it is quite thought-provoking and has taught me a bit about faith. Here is the link to The Faith Club website. They even have a blog which is interesting. I haven't spent a lot of time exploring, but it is on my list of things to do!

Happy Reading!

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